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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Schism, parts 3614 - 3617

 3614. To my royal mind there can be only one explanation of the apparent reluctance of the Almighty to intervene in the execution of persons of royal blood. The reason is because the king in question has not been a good enough Christian King. The execution is a proof positive of the shallowness of a king’s religious convictions.

 3615. I never asked anyone if I could be the Tsar of all the Russians, it is a position that fell naturally to me, and I made no efforts, neither could I have contrived it. Now, let us, carefully consider how it is that I came to be the Tsar. 

 3616. I am the Tsar because my Father was the Tsar, and also his father. Now who is it do you suppose that, in the grand scheme of things, arranges for marriages, betrothals, births, and deaths and all of those important things in life. Over any one of those events a person may claim to have some influence, but the obvious truth is that no one person has any control at all.

3617. Take for example some Grand Archduke Theodore someplace in say East Prussia. His parents arrange for him to wed the little Archduchess of Transylvania. The papers are drawn up, the children meet, their portraits are exchanged and everything is in order. They are eight and nine years old respectively.

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