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Friday, September 5, 2014

The Schism, parts 3594 - 3597

 3594. But even though the system of bribery and corruption we have all received from our ancestors is so faulty, it works in its own cumbersome incompetent way. But the revolutionaries, after they sweep this system aside, plan to replace it with what? They plan to replace it with stacks of mimeographed and printed manifestos.

 3595. They have created printed manifestos by the thousands over the last hundred years, when they weren’t throwing bombs at my father and my grandfather, and those manifestoes are just a lot of confused and contradictory childish thinking. No political manifesto has ever delivered food to a starving province. 

 3596. No, General Kutuzov, the solution to Russia’s problems is to be found in its transportation system, and our problems stem from our lack of one. Only such a system can bring food to the far reaches of my empire, and only the locomotive can make the product of the industrial class find a market. 

 3597. I am no fool, and I know my government can be swept aside in a tidal wave of violence. I have read accounts of the French revolution, it was very interesting, let me tell you.

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