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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Schism, parts 3683 - 3686

 3683. I don’t want to say too much about this elderly aunt of Harriett’s, because it is unkind to speak ill of the dead. Aside from her numerous lawsuits filed against her relatives, and her legal proceedings against her neighbors over land disputes, several people thought her likable and were on speaking terms with her.

 3684. Who those people who were I can’t say, having never met any one of them, but she gave great joy to her many domestics who were fond of walking behind her in silence dragging one foot along the floor in imitation of her arthritic limp. 

 3685. Another thing her domestic servants loved about her were the plentiful opportunities for loud prolonged laughter she gave them as they took turns in the kitchen imitating her tendency to scream abuse at them at the top of her lungs, with he lisp and her fake French accent. 

3686.The news of the death of this venerated old aunt reached Harriett in the country on the evening of Saturday, of the weekend of Alexis’ detention at the military academy. The Minister was very surprised at his wife’s profoundly disturbed reaction to the death of this aunt because, for all intents and purposed it could have been considered a good thing as it would probably involve the termination of her law suit against them over the ownership of their country estates.

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