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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Schism, parts 3602 - 3606

 3602. I know for certain that if I was God, and I was watching my precious Monarchical children being carted off to execution, I would have been beside myself with irritation.

 3603. Perhaps I would have waited until the very last instant, I might have even let the blade begin to fall in its tracks, but that would have been tricky because the blade only takes one 70th of a second to travel from the top to the bottom of its tracks. The blade itself weighs about 80 pounds, so the business of stopping it in its tracks might have been difficult even for God himself.

 3604. Yet, to wait until the last instant does not seem fair to the victim, because, although it might have a tremendous theatrical effect, comparable to the parting of the Red Sea by Moses and the raising of Lazarus, still the stress might be simply too much on the person expecting their execution.

3605. To tell you the truth, I think great damage would be already done, once the person is condemned to death. The person may be reprieved, the execution canceled, the criminal exonerated, and even restored to his former high estate. But the damage, nevertheless, is done, and that person will never be the same again, and can never view his fellow humans in quite the same way.

3606. Fate itself, and the unfolding of time and history becomes the enemy, and simple morality no longer has any validity.

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