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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Schism, parts 3658 - 3661

 3658. A few moments later the upperclassman who was about to thrash Alexis and teach him a lesson in class distinctions found himself on his back on the ground looking up at the blue sky. He saw clouds and they seemed unusually white and soft, and he also heard the song of birds although there were no birds.

 3659. Partially blocking his view of the sky was the face of a very concerned Alexis, whom, having knocked out his adversary stood over him offering him assistance in getting up. But before the boy could even get up Alexis was carted off and placed in a room used for detention at the school.

  3660. It was a locked cell, used for those cadets addicted to gambling and staying out all hours spending their rich parent’s money using letters of credit scribbled by hand onto napkins in the dark dens rich boys like to frequent. These notes of credit where a matter of honor among aristocratic families, and many a son used up his father’s estate before graduation with the practice.

3661. The detention cell was the last resort of punishment in such cases, where, at the request of an enraged father, a son might be detained for up to a month. But what Alexis was doing there he had no idea. All he had done, as for as he could tell, was follow the instructions of some friendly boys engaged in the sport of wrestling.

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