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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Schism, parts 3618 - 3621

 3618. I few years goes by and one month before the wedding is to take place the little Archduke dies of the small pox. He was always a sickly little boy, and would have died of Tuberculosis anyway, but it is the pox that carries the boy off and disrupts the marriage.

 3619. Therefore consider the mechanics of ancestry. No matter what the parents intend, no matter how intelligent their schemes of political alliance may be, in the end it is only God himself that makes the decision and casts the deciding vote regarding who it is that marries whom.

 3620. God always has at his disposal tools big and small to disrupt the devious schemes of his wayward children. Sometimes he likes to get a grand war going that lasts four or five years just to put a stop to some royal wedding in London he doesn’t approve of, and at other times the same end might be achieved by a run away bus on which the brakes have divinely failed.

3621. Yes, the wedding dress is measured out in Heaven by angles, and no mother or father can ever have anything to do with it. In other realms where people mistakenly believe that they can marry for love and be the masters of their own fate, their contracts and arrangements are so many little houses of straw that the big bad wolf will blow down if he is so inclined.

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