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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Schism, parts 3610 - 3613

 3610. A person in my position is obviously required to give events like that some serious thought. I know that you, not being of royal blood will probably start thinking that the execution of a king is a simple proof that the king was not actually ruling by divine right in reality. Anyone ruling by diving right could expect to also receive divine protection. Therefore you might jump to the conclusion that the king must have been an imposter.

 3611. Just think of the complex, unsolvable issues such a thought entails. A king may be an imposter, and yet not even know he is an imposter. Do you remember your own birth? Obviously you do not. The fact that we do not remember our birth means that anyone might perhaps be an imposter of himself. 

 3612. In my estimation God is required to protect, and look after the welfare of all kings and that includes the imposters, because if He starts ignoring the imposters, what are people to think. The entire edifice of the divine right of kings comes crashing down and the people will surely begin to lose confidence in it. 

3613. Thousands of years of human history can be thrown into the trash heap by a few well-placed bombs that blow the contents of the royal carriages to Kingdom come. But, sadly, I have to confess; those bombs have already been thrown.

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