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Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Schism, parts 3598 - 3601

 3598. From Voltaire to Napoleon French history is like a huge bolder crashing down a mountainside. It sets out slowly at first, but soon it is destroying everything in its path.

 3599. It is obvious to me that Louis and Marie Antoinette ruled France with the consent and encouragement of the Almighty, just as I rule Russia with the kind encouragement of God and all the saints, nothing could be more obvious - at least to me.

 3600. What has kept me awake nights as I pondered that revolution is how it was possible for the king and queen to get their heads chopped off; just the though of it makes me lose my appetite. Their heads were cut off in such an undignified way, the machinery those Frenchmen created for doing away with people would have seemed hideous even in a slaughter house.

3601. But regardless of the method that they used, I find it difficult to comprehend how God in His infinite wisdom, could have let such a repulsive thing happen to a king and a queen, was he asleep or something? It would have been so easy for him to intervene.

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