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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Schism, parts 3646 - 3649

3646. Alexis continued to defeat the cadets one after another, and it became unnecessary to wait for his opponents to make the first move. He found them so easy to defeat that he just began to throw them out of the ring one after another as if they were some bags of sand that needed moving from one place to another.

3647. All of this was just good fun and nobody was offended or upset. Actually the found it quite comical and all the boys were willing to accept Alexis as a champion. All of this would have ended without incident except for the interference of the master coachman who came looking for Alexis when the Minister called for his coach to be brought round to the portico.

3648. The coachman saw, to his horror what his apprentice was doing and instantly realized the tremendous danger inherent in the situation. He stood at the fence doing nothing, racking his brains for a way to extract his boy from his predicament.

3649. But it was too late. The instant that the cadets saw the expression on the face of the coachman standing there, they instantly realized the servile status of their champion. The upperclassman who was the umpire of the event held up his hand for silence, and said, “Lets give this little doorman one more round,” and with that he advanced to face Alexis.

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