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Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Schism, parts 3590 - 3593

 3590. With his back still turned to Katuzov he waved him forward with a gesture of his arm and hand, and Katuzov approached and stood by the Emperor’s side. The Emperor continued to run the little train along the track, and Katuzov bent forward and took a closer look.

 3591. The gigantic table where the track was laid out consisted of a map of the entire Russian empire from Saint Petersburg in the North to Odessa in the South, from Moscow in the East to Vladivostok on the Pacific coast in Asia. No such rail system existed or had ever yet been planned. What the General was looking at was a model, a model of a dream of modern Russia, as it existed in the Tsar’s imagination.

 3592. The Tsar turned to General Kutuzov and said, “I am well aware every day that the revolutionaries want to kill me, not only me but my family and all that are related to me. After that they would joyfully eliminate all of the Noble class of gentlemen such as yourself along with their descendents, and in so doing establish a new Russia where the people never go hungry.

3593. But it took over a thousand years to establish this system of government, which is a divinely sanctioned Monarchy. It certainly is not perfect; people starve when the crops fail, and serfs are beaten to death because of the whim of their masters. Everywhere there is corruption and the bribery of government officials.

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