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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Faldoni, parts 3088 - 3091

 3088. The excuse for putting off the execution was a proposal that Faldoni paint the decorations of the library walls of the monastery first, before his execution. The project of painting the library walls was a large one, and so it looked as if a few years might expire before anything was done about his crime.

 3089. As you might expect, the library murals were never completed. It was not that Faldoni was unable to complete the work, it was just that he was constantly interrupted in the work and sent to other realms of the Pope’s domains in Italy, to execute murals and church decorations as he fame spread throughout Italy. 

 3090. But, we are getting ahead of the story. On Easter Sunday the Jailer went to visit Faldoni with the good news that his burning was to be put off until he had finished a commission to paint the walls of the library. At first the thief of the blue pigment did not believe what he was hearing but the sincerity of his Jailer finally convinced him of the alteration of his fate.

3091. The Jailer then began to brag about his accomplishment. He did not expect for Faldoni to really understand the concepts behind the idea of the  transmutability of words and phrases. He wanted the painter to understand it all as trick that had been played on the judges, and even the Pope himself, exploiting their superstitious religious beliefs.

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