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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3196 - 3199

 3196. We were in the seventh grade, but the high-school was in a large building nearby and so we could see our future in the distance as we contemplated the fact that we would also be there in a few years even though it seemed to be somehow impossible.

 3197. Among those high-school students was one girl who was so remarkably beautiful that even  the boys in the seventh grade knew her by name and we were fond of speculating about her, and wondering who her various boyfriends might be. Her name was Sheila, but she cast such a spell over us that we always referred to her as “The Princess.”

 3198. She was so attractive that even my brother who was two years older than I had never spoken to her even in  passing, and when it came to such things my brother was fearless.

3199. So it was with a staggering shock that one day I came out of school to see none other than Jason engrossed in conversation with the Princess, in the parking lot adjacent to the high-school.

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