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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3184 - 3187

 3184. Perhaps no such conversation ever took place, but if not I can think of no explanation for the cars that began appearing on the streets back then. Detroit seemed to have set its sights on pleasing Jason, and was not interested in anyone else's opinions.

 3185. And I suppose there was logic in their approach. Why not aim your designs at those people who are obsessed with your product and live and breath the things you create. Perhaps people like Jason, even if they were destined to never even buy a car, represented the unconscious desires of the car buying public. 

 3186. It is true that the magazines Jason was reading featured cars that looked utterly different from the cars Detroit was manufacturing. The custom car look of the fifties always featured certain characteristics. The chrome bumper was always removed and the body work finished off as if no bumper ever existed. The door handles were always removed and either hidden of placed flush with the body.

3187. Last, and most important, the entire car was lowered closer to the ground. But one must observe that over the years all of these design changes that first appeared on the custom cars of the fifties have been incorporated into modern car design. For this reason, you can therefore thank Jason and people like him for the fact that your car has no bumper on either the front or the back, and if you get too close to a curb you will do half a thousand dollars worth of damage to your car.

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