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Friday, May 9, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3120 - 3123

 3120. The cat explained to me how best to deal with Jason.  I  would not try to beat him up, but instead I  would just make friends with him, but in the process I  would first scare him half to death.

 3121. I came up with a plan. Jason’s path home from school passed by a series of tall hedges. Those hedges, like the cat’s pricker bushes came right down to the edge of the sidewalk. I  picked a place, just after it got dark, and waited for Jason to pass by. 

 3122. Jason was sent to the story every evening, because his grandmother didn’t have a car. Jason went to get groceries almost every night, so it was not long before, from my hiding place in the bushes, I  saw him coming all by himself, bogged down with two bags of groceries.

3123. He got past me about five paces, and I  crept out of the bushes and got behind him in the dark.  I  jumped up onto his back and grabbed hold of his hair on either side of his head. For a few seconds he staggered back and forth, and it was like riding a little pony, and then he fell on the ground all in a heap.

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