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Monday, May 5, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3104 - 3107

 3104. Jason did not return to his seat, instead he seemed to grasp the back pockets of his ill-fitting trousers and pull them apart while at the same time bending over. We could not imagine what such behavior could possible signify, but our teacher was so offended that she shouted, “Jason, are you some sort of an animal?” Jason turned to her and with strange composure replied, “Yes, I am a crocodile.” With that he opened his mouth as wide as possible showing us his missing front teeth. 

 3105. Our teacher, was stunned into silence.  In the face of this mutiny to her authority she didn’t say a word but put herself down into her chair behind her desk, pressing her hand on the desk top for support. We witnessed something completely unexpected; she did not go to the phone and the principal’s office was not called, the police were not summoned.

 3106. For the rest of that day Jason alternately sat in his seat, or  roamed about the room, picking up and examining anything that aroused his interest.  He even looked through a girl named Dorothy’s back pack, and ate some of her lunch. He was however, entirely quite. I  once saw a raccoon that had rabies, and it acted the same way; slowly c€curious about everything, and afraid of nothing.

3107. Jason’s behavior upset all of our established preconceived ideas about life as we had known it up until that day. His arrival had many inexplicable things about it. First was the fact that the principal was not called, and the police did not come to the school.

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