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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3136 - 3139

 3136. That night I  couldn’t get the image of Jason’s house out of my mind, I  kept on thinking about it until very late. I  was in seventh grade and I  had been in school with the same children since kindergarten.  I  knew every boy and girl in my class as if we were all related. I  had been in everybody’s house at one time or other any number of times.  There were differences in the various houses.

 3137. We had a rich boy in our class, just one. He name was Peter Something-Something the Third.   He lived in a mansion.  I  had been in Peter’s house dozens of times. Their kitchen was as big as my entire house, and they had huge pots and pans in the kitchen hanging from bars with hooks on the ceilings. It seems they were prepared, in case they ever had to make dinner for an army that might be passing through town someday.

 3138. In my mind I compared Peter Something-Something’s house to Tom Whatever’s home.  In Tom’s house everything was crammed together and they ate supper in the living room because there was no room for a table in the kitchen.  Every house was different in a million ways, but on the other hand they were all basically the same in certain important respects.

3139. Every house had a living room with certain types of tables and pieces of furniture called hutches in styles called “Ethen Allen,” or “French Provincial.” Up until the day I  saw Jason’s house I  never realized that it was all bought, it was all purchased in stores.  It is impossible to explain just what I  mean.  One purchased all this furniture in stores if you had the money and then you set it all up in your house just like a stage set.

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