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Friday, May 2, 2014

Faldoni, parts 3092 - 3095

 3092. But Faldoni, being such a simple person did not understand it. All he had to say was this. “And who is it that I will ever resurrect from the dead by painting pictures.”

 3093. “It is You, you yourself that you have resurrected from the dead,”  said the Jailer.   

 3094. That is how the story of Faldoni ended. It had all taken place over 800 years ago, but there was something about the story that agitated the Professor, who had this to say. “When I was thirteen, and before I knew anything about art, but after I had discovered my color acuity, I was engaged in a project that involved stealing from churches. I did not know I was stealing at the time, but that is what it was.”

3095. In order to tell you about how it happened that I was stealing things from churches, I have to begin with an unrelated incident from my childhood. It is unrelated but it is a prologue; it involves my first experience of what we now call “culture shock,” and also my first romantic infatuation. At that age I did not know it was cultural shock, neither did I know it was an infatuation, but that is how things are when you are thirteen.

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