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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3208 - 3211

 3208.  “So what, I touched his car,” I had no recollection of having touched the car but apparently I had. 

 3209. For what came next Jason had to stop walking, turn to me and address me in a formal manor.  “Never, for any reason, ever touch a man’s customized car,” He said in a very serious tone.

 3210. At first I didn’t understand what he was talking about, but it dawned on me that I had broken a cardinal rule of the idiot car world, and this realization pushed me over the edge.

3211.  I said, “You know Jason, cars are completely idiotic, and customized cars are only created by people who have serious mental problems.”  But I didn’t stop there, but I started to give him a lecture about the stupidity of cars and their drivers. I said, “Look at Route Five, Jason, you know what that is?  It was a dirt path from here to Syracuse created for horses and oxen.

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