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Friday, May 30, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3204 - 3207

 3204. Jason was asking the boyfriend what the top speed of the car was, and the car maniac said some exaggerated number.  It was then that I said something.  I probably should have kept silent, but I couldn’t help myself.  I said, speaking only to the Princess, and not the idiots, “Imagine hitting a tree going a hundred miles an hour, wouldn’t that be something.” 

 3205. I didn’t intend my comment to be funny, but Sheila went into convulsions about it.  I could have left it at that but then I said, also only to her, “It would be like when you hit those big bugs and they make a mess of the windshield,” and Sheila proceeded to laugh so hard her eyes filled with tears. 

 3206. I’m not sure why, but the Princess’ boyfriend did not seem to like my remarks very much because he got in his car, slammed the door, and waved for his girlfriend to get in. Then he drove off, not forgetting to spin his tires.  A very evil thought was stirring in my head.

 3207. Walking home Jason seemed to be lost in thought but after a while he began to lecture me in a new and unexpected way.  He was saying, “You are really lucky Sheila’s boyfriend didn’t attack you.  I was sure you were going to get yourself killed back there.”  I assumed that Jason was referring to my comment about the bugs on the windshield, but I was mistaken. “You touched his car you know.”  Jason said

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