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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3164 - 3167

 3164. Jason’s may have been living with his grandmother, but she was probably about the same age as my mother. She was not attractive, and was rather over weight, but there was something provocative and reckless about her manor that filled me with a mixture of apprehension and curiosity

3165. The very next morning serious troubles began for me.  Everything that had happened up to that point set the stage for what followed, and I  can see now that nothing I  could have done would have altered in any way what was to come.  It was like a boulder that starts rolling down a hill, and though it might move slowly at first, there is no stopping it and the destruction it will cause along the way. 

3166. I  still imagined I  would find a way to avoid the  consequences of being Jason’s only friend.  My plan was to go slowly with the friendship. I  intended to start by returning to my roundabout route to school so as to avoid him but that didn’t work because Jason was waiting for me at the corner of my street in the morning, impatient, to start being friends. 

3167. I hoped there was some other Jason underneath the mad man who was always talking back and misbehaving in school.  I  had seen movies where some evil person is trusted by somebody and then their character is transformed. I  soon found out that things like that happen only in movies but  in life stupid people aparently are stupid and as time goes on the get worse.

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