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Friday, May 16, 2014

Jason ans his Grandmother, parts 3148 - 3151

 3148. Jason’s grandmother did not have any money to buy the things to play life with, like everyone was supposed to. Since I  was a child I  had always assumed that all the things like, cars, houses, tables and chairs, silverware and plates belonged to everybody equally and came with life automatically.  But somehow I  just couldn’t feel sorry for Jason and his Grandmother.

 3149. There was something very real about Jason’s house, even if it was a dirty mess.  It’s like this. If you were a dog belonging to a very rich person, and your kennel was the very best, and your food prepared by a chef, and your collar studded with diamonds, wouldn’t you just long to be a wolf out in the wild, with burs in his fur, and lice, and laying in wait in the dirt, a gleam in your eye. 

 3150. Jason was like that, he wasn’t exactly a wild person, but he had that gleam in the eye that a wild animal has.

3151. The next day Jason didn’t come to school.  Since I  had nearly killed him the night before, after school I  went to his house and knocked on the door.  After a while someone opened the door a little and looked out.  It was a woman about my Mom’s age, a little fat with very black frizzy thick hair.  She said, “Are you Albert?”  I said that I  was. “Come in Albert and I’ll see it Jay can come down.” She said.

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