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Monday, May 26, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3188 - 3191

3188. So I adhere to my first assumption, that the management in Detroit in the fifties chose to be inspired by the ideas of teenage boys who were obsessed with cars to the extent that all they did was dream about them, or attempt to adjust the looks of them if they got the chance.

 3189. Earlier I had mentioned that Jason was fast becoming my only friend, but I did not elaborate. I became aware of this change as my birthday approached and I began inviting my classmates to my annual birthday party.

 3190.  The annual party was an inevitable affair and so I did not think very much about it until I began to notice that after asking this or that classmate if they were coming their answer was not the, “Yes” I expected but rather the question, “Is Jason going to be there.”

3191. Soon it became obvious that I had to make a choice, either my birthday party was going to be the same as it always was minus Jason, or my party was going to have Jason as my only guest.

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