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Monday, May 12, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3132 - 3135

 3132. The situation wouldn’t allow for any other type of arrangement, so I  had to agree to adding the death to mothers into our bargain. With that I  walked him up to his house, I  wanted to see him safely inside, who knows, he might have had another attack.
 3133. Approaching his door he quickly began hurriedly explaining something to me, saying, “I live with my grandma, she’s not home right now but you can’t come into my house, I  mean even though were friends, I  can’t let you in if my grandma’s not home.” He didn’t offer any further explanation, and I  didn’t ask. I  wasn’t surprised, because everything about Jason was strange. He unlocked his door, and said, “See you tomorrow.”  Through the door I  got a glimpse of his house.

 3134. What struck me most was that you could see straight through his house to the back door and everything was a mess. On the way home I  started thinking about what I  had seen through his front door. There was a couch, but it is difficult to describe it. It was like someone built a couch some time or other and made it as ugly as possible. Then that couch was left outside in the rain and the sun till it was all gray, and coming apart in the joints.

3135. In front of the couch was a television setting on a cardboard box. The cord from the television was plugged into an extension cord that was plugged into the light in the center of the ceiling. The sight of the extension cord hanging down from the ceiling gave me the creeps. Everywhere there were plates, plastic spoons and forks, beer cans and soda cans, and the bags from potato chips.

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