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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3128 - 3131

 3128. I  only had wanted to be friends with him, but what difference would that make at my trial, who would believe me. Would my lawyer explain what had happened with the cat? I  didn’t think so. Meanwhile, he turned blue and he looked at me with his bulging eyes  like the fish in the cooler at the grocery store.

 3129. Then there was a sound like a person blowing hard on a little whistle, a thin shrill little shriek of sound, it was the sound of Jason starting to breath again. He sat there in the grass for a few minutes, and finally, as he recovered he breath, he gathered up his groceries and put them into the torn bags, moving as if in slow motion, and then he headed for home.

 3130. I  wasn’t sure what to do, so I  walked along next to him carrying a can of tomato soup he had overlooked. After a few minutes of silence he stopped, turned to m e and said, “Are you sure you want to be friends,” I assured him that I  did.

  3131. “You promise that you are always going to be my friend, even though I’m always getting in trouble in school,” I promised him I  would. “O.K. then,” he said, “we will be friends, but your mother will have to  die some terrible death if you are lying.”

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