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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3116 - 3119

3116. Suddenly, from among the bushes, some small animal leaped out and attacked my leg. I  had no idea what it could be, but I  discovered something interesting about fear. I  discovered that if you are truly frightened by something you begin to scream very loudly without realizing that you have started screaming. You hear “someone screaming,” and then realize that it is you yourself that is making all the noise. It is also true that your hair stands on end.

3117. Finally I  stopped screaming and became aware of a weight of probably about two pounds attached to my ankle.  All around the bottom of my pants was a prickly sensation, and a curious rattling sound like a coffee grinder makes.

3118. It was dark.  I  couldn’t see what it was.  Finally I  bent down and discovered that I  had a cat attached to my left foot.

3119. I was glad to make friends with a strange animal in the night. He was an extremely happy little cat, who after he had detached himself from my foot threw himself down on the sidewalk on his side, switched himself from side to side, and begged and pleaded with his little cat like tricks, to get me to pet him.  It was a pleasure to pet him, especially as compared to being devoured by a rabid dog.

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