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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3124 - 2127

 3124. I  was sitting on Jason’s back and holding onto his hair. I  said, “You have a choice Jason, we are going to be friends or I am going to beat you up, which is it going to be?”  

 3125. There was no answer from Jason. After a few seconds he started to say something but all I  could make out was that he seemed to be saying, “Ahaaaa,” like at the doctors when they press down your tongue with a stick.

 3126. Then he s tarted to say hun, hun hun hun, over and over again in a very faint tone. His eyes seemed to bug out of his head and he had an awful look of fear on his face. Jason was having an asthma attack. I  would never have known what it was except someone had an asthma attack in gym once.

3127. So, that was the situation, Jason was going to die, right there in the grass on the sidewalk. It was going to be me that was going to have accidentally murdered him. The people driving by would be a witness to it so there was no escape.

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