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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Otis Escapes, parts 3975 - 3978

 3975. Clara ignored the bulldog look on her sisters face, and it should have warned her that she was entering dangerous territory, but she plunged right ahead, oblivious to her sister's now apoplectic condition.

 3976. “Take for example the outfits we fit out our servants with. What is the point of the gold buttons, and the braid, the silk pocket lapels, and the hats with shiny black brims? Just consider the yellow trousers with the crimson strip you used to dress up your footman Alexis with, and now you have him in the dining room dressed all in white.” 

 3977. Here was the crux of the matter. Clara was incensed about her sister’s attentions to her servant and had planned her whole conversation so that she could arrive at the point where she could insinuate that Harriet was emotionally attached to the young man. 

3978. We interrupt this interesting story to bring you the news that Otis has escaped from the Fowler. In the middle of an overcast and moonless night, about a week after the dog fighting competition he escaped from the Fowler’s wagon and slipped off into the woods alone.

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