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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Otis Escapes, parts 4055 - 4058

 4055. Would cows and goats standing in fields just to the left of a big battlefield have any ideas about how to predict the outcome of a conflict?

 4056. The answer is no. The cows and sheep might even be surprised, amazed, and even filled with consternation, at the sudden onset of a huge conflict.

  4057. “What on earth do those people yonder think they are doing to each other?” they would have wondered, mistaking some big historic battle for the preparation of a cannibalistic feast day. Cows and sheep would only understand the cutting off of heads as something one does when preparing dinner.

4058. All species of birds however have an entirely different perception of human events. It is their great good fortune to be able to view everything from above and at a great distance. Consider for a moment how this special birdlike ability relates to predicting the outcome of battles.

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