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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3955 - 3958

 3955. He did not give up hope, but sometimes his evening prayers had a hint of sad desperation about them, desperation with a hint of sarcastic frustration. 

 3956. Diogenes had his own peculiar notions of Iconoclasm. His interest in the subject dated from the time of his doctoral thesis. Some passages in his thesis give a notion of how he felt about the subject. The most curious idea he proposed was the concept that Church architecture itself exists in violation of the Second Commandment, and churches and temples of all sorts and sizes are a violation of pure primitive Christianity.

 3957. Diogenes would say this, “Picture to yourself Jesus preaching to the multitude. How do you imagine he would be dressed? Where might he be standing?” The answer was obvious; he would be outside and dressed in some ordinary way. 

3958. “Now picture Him giving a sermon in a gigantic grand cathedral dressed in Ermine Robes studded with diamonds and rubies.” Such an image would never have seemed appropriate to anyone.

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