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Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3951 - 3954

 3951. Even fundamentalist Christian persons who attempt to take literally every little thing in Scripture, still blandly overlook the Second Commandant, as if it had simply become some how obsolete. They are happy to adorn their houses with those strange brownish monochrome pictures of Jesus, or calendars with Mary with a heart bleeding between her breasts, and they never stop to think that because of this simple act of art appreciation they are doomed to burn in Hell forever.

 3952. Years ago violent disputes and controversies erupted having to do with iconoclasm, but what the ideas people fought over back then is little known or thought about today, except perhaps in a Divinity School. But Iconoclasm, when properly understood, is just as important now as a thousand years ago, or so Diogenes Freen thought, and so he taught the students in his Bible Study Group.

 3953. What was Diogenes doing in Russia, if he was an Iconoclast? Moscow was the last place an Iconoclast would want to set up shop, since the entire place is crawling with religious pictures and many of them are though to possess miraculous characteristics. That was the whole point; Diogenes wanted to begin his missionary work in the most difficult place possible. 

3954. He had a vision of converting all of Russia and China to his own personal understanding of the teachings of Christ. Sometimes he would wake up in the morning and think to himself that he had now been in Russian for 15 years, and only partially converted about 7 or 8 elderly women, and if he calculated from that, how long his project was going to take he came up with a very unworkable amount of time.

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