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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Otis Escapes, parts 4027 - 4030

 4027. As much attention we roosters and chickens give to the act of running around with our heads cut off after we are dead, still, none of us can ever know for sure what it is really like, because while we are doing it we are already dead. It is for this reason that we have to learn all the movements in advance and practice them till we can do them almost without thinking.

 4028. We roosters have always been aware, since ancient, even prehistoric times, of the importance of our actions on human beings. We know, for example, how often we are mentioned in literature. Who else has the honor of being used as the symbol of the dawn, the symbol of the beginning of every day, and therefore the symbol of all new beginnings?

 4029. “But more importantly perhaps, our running around after we die is the only way anyone has of imagining that life goes on after death, if even in some terrifying and repugnant way.” Thus the Rooster ended his explanation of the reason why he had been running around in the Fowler’s yard, and although Otis found the explanation interesting, still he seemed to be unable to concentrate, and kept looking around distractedly as the Rooster was speaking. 

4030. Otis was not losing interest however, even if he was distracted. He was struck by the connection between what the Rooster was saying, and his own predicament. He wanted to continue with his career as a theatrical performer, but he knew that human audiences would never begin to understand the content of his performances.

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