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Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3959 - 3962

 3959. Diogenes rejected all of the ways religions aggrandize their ideas using art and architecture. He began to ask himself, at an early age, what is the purpose of huge buildings and millions of painted images in the dissemination of religious ideas, and it seemed to him that it all had no purpose what-so-ever.

 3960. What Diogenes was doing was ripping the shell from off of the back of the turtle. The turtle is defenseless without its shell, and perhaps religion is of no use without its paintings, its sculpture, and its architecture.

 3961. I apologize for the rather confused and convoluted presentation of Diogenes Freens ideas, and I realize my attempt falls short of being understandable, but I am going to put the blame entirely on Diogenes himself. His ideas were half-baked and incomplete, and so, am I to be held accountable if I am unable to elucidate them clearly or in any satisfactory way?

3962. Let me just say this, Diogenes hated icons, and so he was an Iconoclast. He hated church ceremony, vestments, architecture and all of those things, as an extension of his Iconoclasm.

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