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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Otis Escapes, parts 3991 - 3993

 3991. “Rooster listen to me,” said Otis,  “every night I have to kill innocent dogs in a ring. This is a crime against all the things wolves believe. I will not do it another day, and so I bid you farewell, although you are my only friend in the world.”

 3992. That Rooster should have recognized a superior argument when he heard it, and in fact he did recognize it, but even though he was a rooster, and had a bird’s superior intellect, still he was proud and would not give in. He watched the wolf walk off into the distance. The wolf looked back once, he looked back twice. He stopped again a third time, but the third time he did not look back.

 3993. You may think to yourself, “Now the wolf is all-alone, how will he manage?” but you are wrong to wonder that. It was the Rooster who was now dangerously all-alone in the world.

3994. That evening the Fowler returned to his wagon and drew back the flap and looked around inside. It was six o’clock in the evening. At six o’clock the Fowler was in the habit of preparing his dinner. He was thinking about a pigeon, but on the other hand, perhaps three sparrows would do. He looked around and saw that Otis was not there.

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