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Monday, December 15, 2014

Otis Escapes, parts 3995 - 3998

 3995. Once the Fowler realized that Otis was gone he jumped down from the wagon and began to call for him, but he received no answer. There was something about the silence of the woods that told him he would not be seeing Otis again anytime soon. 

 3996. He returned to the task of preparing his super. He looked at the various pigeons and sparrows but he was suddenly struck by the thought that without Otis the Rooster was on no use to him anymore. At the same instant the Fowler had that insight, the Rooster had the same exact deadly realization. 

 3997. Even though the Fowler and the Rooster thought the same thought simultaneously, they both considered the possibility that Otis might soon return. It was Thursday and the Fowler thought, “If Otis does not return by Saturday I will have the bird for dinner Saturday night. The Rooster thought the same thing. 

3998. Otis by this time was far away and had wanted to put as mush distance between himself and the Fowler as was possible. He did not consider that he would be recaptured, but he ran all day at a steady loping pace just for the joy of it. After the sun went down it became cold in the woods and he lay down in some brush and was soon asleep. In the middle of the night he awoke with a start, an odd thought was troubling him.

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