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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Otis Escapes, parts 4035 - 4038

 4035. That night Otis had a vivid dream. He dreamed that he was a playwright and his play was to be preformed for the first time in a great outdoor amphitheater like the Greeks and Romans were fond of using for their plays.

 4036. Otis’ play had been sold out, and for a long time no tickets had been available. All the characters were excited for the first act to begin but just before the curtain was to rise Otis was distracted by a stack of correspondence he had to read through. 

 4037. Hundreds of letters and notes were stacked upon his desk in the wings of the theater, and each one was some person’s cancellation combined with an apology for not being able to attend the evening’s performance.

4038. Some of the notes were short abrupt postcards offering no explanation, but others were long letters containing flowery and mawkish apologies. This was a dream, and like so many dreams, Otis had to read and reread the notes for long hours on-end while the actors waited restlessly in the wings uncertain what they were supposed to do.

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