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Friday, December 19, 2014

Otis Escapes, parts 4011 - 4014

 4011. But a bird has eyes on opposite sides of his head for a reason. What a bird can see with his eyes arranged in that way I can hardly imagine, and added to that, they have the tendency to twitch their heads back and forth every few seconds. I presume that with the combination of the eyes seeing two different things at once and the tendency to twitch the head back and forth all the time, they must end up with a continually confused notion of their bird-brained universe.

 4012. This much was certain, the Rooster saw Otis crouched in the woods at a distance with his left eye, and he saw the Fowler with the axe in his hand out of his right eye. He had no time to think about the picture he saw, he just set off running as fast as his little crabbed feet would move his awkward fat body.

 4013. Nature, in the form of a tree root, intervened to save him from the Fowler, and a few minutes later he was safely reunited with Otis in the depth of the woods. Years later the Fowler would explain how he had torn his Achilles tendon on a tree root chasing a Rooster around. That was the story he would tell to explain his limp, and his need to walk with a cane. This story always elicited laughter from all his listeners, but not from the Fowler himself. 

 4014. The Fowler from that day on would go through life cursing the Rooster and swearing to avenge himself on the bird and the bird’s relatives, never for a moment giving the Rooster the benefit of the doubt, seeing as he was only trying to save his skin, which, as you know, is one of the best parts of a chicken. 

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