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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Otis Escapes, parts 4015 - 4018

 4015. “Why?” said Otis, once their were united, “Why on earth were you running around in the Fowler’s yard like a chicken with your…”

 4016. “Like a chicken with my head cut off?” said the Rooster, finishing Otis’ question for him. “You see,” said the bird, “I was convinced that my head had, indeed, been cut off, and once a chicken or a rooster thinks his head has been cut off, what follows for the next few minutes is not under his control.”

 4017. “I had my head down on the tree trunk. With my left eye I could see the Fowler’s hand with the axe up in the air about to come down, and with my other eye I was looking at the rings on the tree trunk.” 

4018. “You can be sure that at that moment I was not giving any thought what-so-ever to the age of the tree and to how many years it had been allowed by its maker to shed it graceful shade upon the earth. Neither was I thinking about whether a Rooster has seven or eight rings in its scrawny neck if it is eight years old. None of those thoughts occupied me it that time.” 

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