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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Otis Escapes, parts 4039 - 4042

 4039. Finally one person entered the amphitheater and sat down in the front row and prepared to watch the play. There was only this one person in attendance, but the decision was made to go on with the performance. 

 4040. This one single person who was in attendance was a very strange sort of man. He had numerous disabilities that disqualified him from being able to appreciate Otis’ play. First of all he was blind, and also he was deaf as well. He was therefore unable to see or hear the play, and what he was doing there nobody knew for sure. 

 4041. He was anxious to attend the play however; and had been given instructions by some persons about what was expected of him as a spectator. He was very much in need of instruction, because he had never attended a play before, and he was anxious to do his part in the audience, to the best of his abilities.

4042. This is what the blind spectator had been told. He must stand up and shout “Bravo,” if he was profoundly moved by any action. He was to shout, “Boo,” if he found fault with anything the actors did. Loud laughter was expected of him during certain long pauses in the dialogue, and if he felt the acting was inferior he was to throw rotten fruit at the stage, as well as assorted vegetables.

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