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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Otis Escapes, parts 4003 - 4006

 4003. There was not a moment to lose, not even a second or a split second. Otis lunged for the Fowler and because of the way the Fowler was standing; he landed against the back of the Fowler’s legs. At just that moment the man had raised the axe up over his head and so the impact of the wolf against him caused him to fall over backwards. He smacked his head on the ground and was dazed for a moment.

 4004. I want to describe what happened next but it made almost no sense. Later the Rooster explained it to me, and so it is possible to give some explanation. The Fowler had dropped his axe and although he was unhurt, he was confused and incapacitated for a moment.

 4005. It was a perfect moment for the two of them to escape into the woods. It certainly was unnecessary for Otis to hector the Rooster with arguments about why he should go off into the unknown with a wild wolf. 

4006. What better argument is there for an old Rooster, set in his ways, to change his way of life, even to do something reckless and unheard of, what better argument, I say, that an axe raised up above your neck?

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