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Monday, December 1, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3939 - 3942

 3939. Clara was a very confused woman, although she did not even have an inkling that she was confused. Why was she confused? Because she had abandoned her two thousand year old religion and replaced it with a set of convoluted notions she had received from the leader of her Bible study group, the American Protestant minister who had graduated from the Yale Divinity School.

 3940. The minister from the Yale Divinity School, who incidentally had done postgraduate work at Harvard, was an Iconoclast. I am going to spend some time discussing this man, and please understand me when I say that I am not doing this to bore you or to get you to stop reading my story. 

 3941. I am doing it because I am very interested in religious concepts, because of my own peculiar upbringing, but I will not go into that here. I am especially interested in religious ideas that have gone to seed and become corrupted when they fall into the hands of disturbed but charismatic personalities, such as the Minister from Yale.

3942. Disturbed but charismatic religious personalities can always be recognized by their propensity to invent their own dogmas, and label their own beliefs with special titles. They reject all existing creeds, but take from one or another of them, just as much of the existing materials as suits their purposes.

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