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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Otis Escapes, parts 3999 - 4002

 3999. He realized that his neck was cold. The odd thing about the coldness of Otis’s neck was that it was the exact spot where the Rooster always slept during the night. Even when he was sound asleep he was aware of that stupid Rooster, and the Rooster was aware of him. It was a primitive sort of defense and alarm system. 

 4000. It was sort of like a small string attached them to each other, if one were to move the other would feel a tug and wake up for just a moment. Otis had become so accustomed to the presence of the bird that he was not aware of it until he was asleep in the woods alone. 

 4001. He decided to return and give the Rooster one more talking to, to see if he could change his mind.

4002.  A day later he arrived at the Fowler’s wagon and from the woods just a few feet from the encampment he saw to his horror the Rooster, with his head stretched out across a tree stump, and the Fowler holding him down with one hand and an axe in the other hand.

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