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Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Birthday party, parts 3963 - 3966

 3963. Clara, Harriet’s sister had come under the influence of this man. This was the reason she was so confused. All her life she had been drawn to, and mesmerized by the magnificent art and ritual of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Now she was being asked to think of it not only as a diversion, but an actual sin. This was a thing that, in her heart, she could not accept.

3964. Early in the afternoon of the day of the fateful Birthday Party, Clara arrived, and sat down in the kitchen with her sister Harriet. Lunch had been served, and everything had been cleaned up and put away, and the servants were enjoys some quite time.  The huge kitchen was deserted except for the sisters.  

 3965. They sat across from each other on either side of an old marble counter used to roll out pastry, and to make bread. There was a teapot in a tea cozy on the counter and two cups of tea, now almost room temperature.

3966. Clara’s birthday presents were unwrapped in front of them, and consisted of a very large copper Orthodox crucifix, and a newly published book by Diogenes Freen consisting of his interpretation and explanation of the New Testament.

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