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Monday, December 22, 2014

Otis Escapes, parts 4023 - 4026

 4023. Tragedy and pathos are not allowed either. The running of the chicken must not elicit any tears or any feeling of sorrow. We are after two things with our running, and those two things are terror and horror, that it what we are trained to create in the heart of the viewer.   

 4024. Years ago other effects were tried. The Babylon roosters tried for a long time to give the impression of a formal military look as they were a part of a martial society, but it never seemed to create the right effect. Greek chickens sometimes tried a formal dance movement carried out slowly, similar to a slow-motion ballet. It is believed that it was very effective but today no one knows for certain what it looked like.

 4025. The only way we know about the Greek rooster death dances is because it is mentioned in one of Euripides lost tragedies, but scholars are not in agreement about it.

 4026. Roman chickens were the first to formally adopt the effect of terror overlaid with horror and fear. This is quite understandable seeing as the Romans liked to employ realism in their art. Consider their use of the death mask; by casting the face of the dead into plaster, and using it to model portrait sculpture, they unflinchingly faced up to the frightfulness of the subject.

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