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Monday, June 1, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4664 - 4667

 4664. I have to stop here and apologize to my readers, if I have any, and also to Coromo himself for this entire line of reasoning in the above paragraphs. I am well aware that my hero has just passed through the most emotional and cathartic event of his young life.

 4665. I have narrated how he developed a certain paranoia, how he overcame his fears, and then was brought to a pitch of terror, and then found himself saved. I realize the importance of these events for him and yet find fit to belittle his feelings by subjecting them to a mock analysis.

 4666. Who am I anyway, I would like to myself, that I find myself so superior to this character, that I can talk about his inner most spirituality, as if it is just some light entertainment; laugh at his terror, and find humor in his moment of epiphany.

 4667. I can excuse myself, after this apology, in only one way, by saying this. I too was in the place I find him to be in right at this moment, and when I was there I laughed at myself, I laughed myself to scorn with tears in my eyes. 

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