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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Beggar's Daughter, parts 4728 - 4731

 4728. Concerning the tourist in search of his breakfast in Naples, you will notice that we have been referring to him as "You." He is not you at all; you and I both know this. So, if he is not you, just whom do you suppose it is? Perhaps it is I, the actual writer of this chronicle.

 4729. All along I have been writing about the tourist called, "You," and now we begin to suspect that it is actually myself. I am going to come right out and admit that he is not me, not at all.

 4730. I will tell you who he is, and then you will see why I have been calling him "you." He is the inner self of some person who has gone ahead and done a thing against his better judgment. For a whole year he has been saying to himself, "Listen you, you are not going to do that, you are not going down that road. I have told you a thousand times it is a mistake, so stop thinking about it right this minute."

 4731. This is how we address ourselves sometimes when we are giving ourselves a stern lecture. We become our own parent so to speak, and lecture ourselves, sometimes using our own names. A person named Jack might say in their mind, "Stop that Jack."

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