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Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Beggar's Daughter, parts 4732 - 4735

4732. It is in this sense that I have called the tourist "you," and now that we know who he is, and why he exists, we will talk a little about why he is in Naples. Fortunately he wrote down in a diary an account of his trip to Naples, and his diary begins sometime previously, in some late October, I do not know the year

4733. I do not know the man, and since it is a diary, and diaries are always in the first person, we will have to dispense with his name. I had expected to find a name, or at least a phone number on the flyleaf of the book but there was nothing.

 4734. The journal was left on a small table in a cafĂ© in Rome. I happened to sit down near the table and I was struck by what appeared to be large leather, hand bound book, rather worn, with some discreet gold edging on the binding. On the cover were some splatters of a dark red paint almost like dried blood. 

 4735. It was an artist's journal, because the pages were unlined, and the first fifteen pages had figure drawings in hard pencil. Whoever did the drawings knew what he was doing. They were not perfect drawings, not the kind you would expect of a modern day Ingres, but what the drawings lacked in technical skill was made up by a tender affection.

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