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Friday, June 12, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4708- 4711

 4708. The owner goes in a little door at the back, and a little later what must be his wife comes out.  She is a short round elderly woman dressed in black, with a scarf on her head. She also pays no attention to you.

 4709. In your pocket you have a piece of paper you prepared in advance, on it are words and phrases in Italian, so that you can order an Americano when you are in Naples. You know everyone will be drinking espresso, but you find it too bitter, and gone too fast.

 4710. Timidly you approach the old woman who seems to be sorting silverware under the counter, and you say, "Vorrei un Americano per favore." The woman speaks some broken English, and explains that you can have an espresso, but not any Americanos.

4711. You point out that if she can make an espresso, certainly she can easily make you an Americano, since it is simply an espresso with a little more water, but still she politely and timidly declines.

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