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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4688 - 4691

 4688. As if at a given signal, everyone on the plane began to move about with agitation, because they knew they would be landing soon. Every second the earth drew closer and closer, and Coromo experienced that sensation which has only existed in our time. 

 4689. He saw the world, or the most complex part of the world, from above and coming into clearer are clearer focus, as it got larger and larger. After this experience no person can understand the world in the same way again. But for all that, all he was able to think about was the stewardess.

 4690. He was certain that the connection he felt for her was real and was genuine; he was confident he was obligated to himself to follow up on it. He wanted to ask her last name, he wanted to ask for a phone number.

4691. He wanted to say something familiar to her, one of those little comments that pass between people who have met for just a few moments. Regardless of the superficial content those remarks may contain, they actually say, "You know that I like you."

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