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Monday, June 8, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4692 - 4695

4692. Coromo took his canvas bag and put it over his shoulder. He felt unstable on his feet from sitting so long. Inside the plane everything had become so familiar, the shape of the seats and their color, the trim of the windows and even the dog-eared magazines in the back of the seats took on the character of a little secure world.

  4693. In the plane everything was known and understood. The air was a perfect temperature and all was silent. On the other side of the exit door there was a brilliant light shining, and strange unfamiliar roaring sounds. 

 4694. It was the tradition of the pilot of that craft to put on the same piece of music over the sound system as soon as the craft came to a complete stop. That piece of music was Pachelbel's Canon. Bach's air on a G String would have done just as well.

  4695. You probably know Pachelbel's Cannon but Coromo had never heard anything like it before and so his heart felt caught as in a vice and he could hardly manage to repress a rush of tears.

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