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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4668 - 4671

 4668. Coromo, after he heard the explanation to the dark spot on the wing, did not react at all for a little while. It was hard for him to think of anything because so many conflicting feelings were competing for his attention.

 4669. But of all the conflicting emotions he was feeling for some reason grief predominated. There was nothing for him to grieve over however, but that is no impediment when the heart longs for an outburst of tears.

 4670. He thought to himself, "I feel like I am going to begin crying, I wonder if it is going to be silent sobs that shake my frame with tremors; am I going to indulge in muffled sobs, with an occasional gasp? Or am I going to go all out, and wail out loud?"

4671. He began silently to cry to himself, as his mind sought some excuse for his tears.  

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